Treasures Found During Excavation

Items found during excavation

Items found during excavationThe Greenwich Historical Society has begun its campus transformation ! First steps include removing rock, excavating, and preparing our parking area under the Mianus River Bridge of I-95 to double parking capacity and create a single, accessibe entrance.

Tea kettle found during excavationOur parking lot excavation has turned up quite a few interesting items, from a tea kettle to a (full and unopened!) laxative bottle with dosage directions etched in the glass. Here are some photos of what we’ve found so far. They all have been buried for  approximately 100 years.

Items found during excavationconstruction vehicles



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  1. Wow!!! Those finds are completely fascinating! A full and unopened laxative bottle with etched glass directions – how cool. I love reading about and watching programs about things people dig up when they aren’t really even looking for anything.

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