National Register of Historic Places

Private Buildings:

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  • cos cob map
    Cos Cob Power Station
    Sound Shore Drive, Cos Cob
    Built: 1907; Listed: 1990; Demolished: 2000
  • cos cob map
  • directory
    Samuel Ferris House
    E. Putnam Avenue and Cary Street, Riverside
    Built: c. 1760; Listed: 1989
  • directory
  • Ritch Groceries
    French Farm
    524 Lake Avenue, Greenwich
    Built: 1906-1911; Listed: 1975
  • Ritch Groceries
  • Greenwich YMCA
    50 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich
    Built: 1916; Listed: 1986
  • Hawthorne Mill & Depot Building
    Listed as New Mill and Depot Building, Hawthorne Woolen Mill
    350 Pemberwick Road, Glenville
    Built: Mill 1881, Depot 1875; Listed: 1990
  • Indian Harbor Yacht Club
    710 Steamboat Road, Greenwich
    Built: 1920; Listed: 2010
  • Thomas Lyon House
    Also known as Lyon Cottage
    1 Byram Road at W. Putnam Avenue, Byram
    Built: c. 1695; Listed: 1977
  • Rosemary Hall
    Also known as the Japanese School
    Junction of Ridgeway and Zaccheus Mead Lane, Greenwich
    Built: 1901-1928; Listed: 1998
  • Sylvanus Selleck Gristmill
    124 Old Mill Road
    Built: c.1796; Listed: 1990
  • Josiah Wilcox House
    354 Riversville Road
    Built: 1838; Listed: 1988

Municipal Buildings

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  • Byram School
    Western Junior Highway, Byram
    Built: 1925; Listed: 1990
  • Glenville School
    Also known as Western Greenwich Civic Center; Included in Glenville Historic District
    449 Pemberwick Road, Glenville
    Built: 1921; Listed: 2003
  • Great Captain Island Lighthouse
    Great Captain Island, Greenwich
    Built: 1868; Listed: 1991
  • Greenwich Main Post Office
    Listed as U.S. Post Office–Greenwich Main
    Included in Greenwich Municipal Center Historic District; Greenwich Avenue Historic Distr
    310 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich
    Built: 1916; Listed: 1986; Sold as a commercial space: 2012
  • Old Town Hall
    Listed as Greenwich Town Hall
    Also known as Greenwich Senior Center/Art Center
    Included in Greenwich Municipal Center Historic District; Greenwich Avenue Historic District

    299 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich
    Built: 1905; Listed: 1987


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  • Little Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
    Also known as Bethel AME
    44 Lake Avenue, Greenwich
    Built: 1921; Listed: 2010
  • Methodist Episcopal Church
    Also known as United Methodist Church of Greenwich
    61 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich
    Built: 1868; Listed: 1988


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  • Putnam Cottage
    Listed as Knapp Tavern
    Included in Putnam Hill Historic District

    243 E. Putnam Avenue, Greenwich
    Built: c. 1690; Listed: 1977

Train Stations

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  • Cos Cob Railroad Station
    55 Station Drive, Cos Cob
    Built: c. 1890; Listed: 1989
  • Sound Beach Railroad Station
    Also known as Old Greenwich Railroad Station
    160 Station Drive, Old Greenwich
    Built: c.1894 Listed: 1989


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  • Mianus River Railroad Bridge
    Also known as Cos Cob Bridge
    Cos Cob-Riverside
    Built: 1904; Listed: 1987
  • Riverside Avenue Bridge
    Riverside Avenue over railroad tracks, Riverside
    Built: 1894; Listed: 1977


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  • Merritt Parkway
    Also known as Connecticut State Highway Route 15
    Right-of-way between the New York state line and the Housatonic River bridge, Greenwich to Milford
    Built: 1938; Listed: 1991

Historic Districts

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  • Fourth Ward Historic District
    Roughly along Church, Division, Northfield and William Streets
    Putnam Court and Sherwood Place, Greenwich
    Built: 1840-1925; Listed: 2000
    36-67 Church Street
    3-33 Division Street
    10-79 Northfield Street
    1-3 Putnam Court
    15-90 Sherwood Place
    11-83 William Street
  • Glenville Historic District
    Also known as Sherwood’s Bridge
    Includes Glenville School, listed separately

    Roughly along Glen Ridge Road, Glenville Road, Glenville Street, Pemberwick Road, Riversville Road and Weaver Street, Glenville
    Built: 1879-1950; Listed: 2007
    4 Glen Ridge Road
    243-266 Glenville Road
    1-38 Glenville Street
    328-450 Pemberwick Road
    2-30 Riversville Road
    259-267 Weaver Street
  • Greenwich Avenue Historic District
    Runs along Greenwich Avenue, roughly bounded by Putnam Avenue (north) and New Haven Railroad (south) and includes the beginning blocks of Elm Street, Lewis Street, Havemeyer Place, Bruce Park, and Railroad Avenue
    Includes the Greenwich Municipal Center Historic District, Old Town Hall, Greenwich Main Post Office listed separately
    Built: 1878-1940; Listed: 1989
    20-26 Bruce Park Avenue
    11 Bruce Place
    15-20 East Elm Street
    1-55 East Putnam Avenue
    101 Field Point Road
    2-414 Greenwich Avenue
    2-10 Gregg Street
    5-28 Havemeyer Place
    2-4 Lafayette Court
    18 Lafayette Place
    23-55 Lewis Street
    230 Mason Street
    85-99 Railroad Avenue
    5-15 West Elm Street
    1-30 West Putnam Avenue
  • Greenwich Municipal Center Historic District
    101 Field Point Road; 290, 299, 310 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich Included in Greenwich Avenue Historic District Includes Old Town Hall and Greenwich Main Post Office, listed separately Built: 1893-1938; Listed: 1988
    101 Field Point Road
    290-310 Greenwich Avenue
    5 Havemeyer Place: demolished 2013
    27 Havemeyer Place
  • Merritt Parkway
    (also known as Connecticut State Highway Route 15) CT 15 and right-of-way between the NY state line through Greenwich and to the Housatonic River bridge
  • Nathaniel Witherell Historic District
    Also known as Nathaniel Witherell Home
  • Greenwich Memorial Hospital Historic District
    70 Parsonage Road, Greenwich
    Built: 1906; Listed: 2010
  • Putnam Hill Historic District
    Includes Knapp Tavern (known as Putnam Cottage), listed separately
    Built: c. 1730-1909 Listed: added 1979
    139-279 East Putnam Avenue
    23-48 Maple Avenue
    25-42 Old Church Road 7 Park Place
  • Round Hill Historic District
    Roughly junction of John Street and Round Hill Road
    Built: c.1728-1926 Listed: 1996
    5-7 John Street
    456 Round Hill Road Intersection John Street and Round Hill Road
  • Strickland Road Historic District
    Includes Bush-Holley House (National Historic Landmark), listed separately 19-47 Strickland Road
    Built: 1740-1938 Listed: 1990
    3-10 Loughlin Avenue
    9-43 Strickland Road
  • Tod’s Point Historic District
    Also known as Greenwich Point Park Tod’s Driftway, Old Greenwich Built: Listed on State Register of Historic Places: 2007 This District appears on the National Register website, but cannot find confirmation. Shows #07001355

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