Ninth Stop

375th Anniversary Plaque

On Founders’ Day, July 18, 2016, the town attached a commemorative bronze plaque to a small boulder on the bluff at the southeastern tip of the Point. The plaque, created for the 375th anniversary of the founding, features a replica of the original deed to the land we now call Old Greenwich.

Wee Amogerone and Owenoke, Sachems of Asamuck, and Rammatthone, Nawhorone, Sachems of Patomuck, have sould unto Robert Feaks and Daniell Patricke all theire rights and interests in all ye severall lands betwene Asamuck River and Patomuck, which Patomuck is a littel river which divideth ye bounds betwene Capt. Turner’s Perchase and this, except ye neck by ye indians called Monakewego, by us Elizabeth Neck, which neck is ye peticaler perchace of Elizabeth Feaks, ye sd Robt Feaks his wife, to be hers and her heaires or assigns, forever, or else to be at ye disposal of ye aforementioned purchasers forever, to them and theire heaires, executors or assigns, and theye to enjoy all rivers, Islands, and ye severall naturall adjuncts of all ye forementioned places, neigther shall ye indians fish within a mille of aney english ware, nor invite nor permit aney other indians to sett down in ye forementioned lands; in consideration of which lands ye forementioned purchasers are to give unto ye above named sachems twentie five coates, whereof theye have reserved eleven in part payment; to witness all which, theye have hereunto sett theire hands this 18 July 1640.

Amogerone, Nawhorone, Amsetthehone, Keofferam
Witness: Robert A. Heusted, Andrew Messenger,
Rasobibitt, Saponas, Whonehorn, Akeroque, 
 Pauonohas, Powiatoh
Keofferam hath sould all his right in ye above sd to Jeffere Ferris.
Witness: Richard Williams, Angell Heusted

The plaque also contains the town’s coat-of-arms designed in 1940. The design features a windmill representing the town’s early Dutch influence, a horse’s head for Horseneck (an early name for the land between the Mianus and Byram Rivers), a plow for the agricultural history of the founders, a ship from the coat-of-arms of Greenwich, England, and a clamshell representing the early maritime trade in the town.