Tour Stop 1

Sue H. Baker Pavilion at the Old Barn

Originally built by the Tods in 1887, the old livestock and storage barn is the oldest surviving structure at Greenwich Point. Once the town purchased the estate in 1945, the barn underwent many renovations until, at last, it housed a concession stand, a first aid station, and lifeguard lockers.  

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy pummeled the coastline with 80 miles per hour winds and tidal floods. While the barn had already been slated for renovation by the Greenwich Point Conservancy, a local non-profit dedicated to the preservation and restoration of historic structures in the park, completion of the $650,000 project became urgent. In 2015, the renovated structure was renamed the Sue H. Baker Pavilion at the Old Barn in honor of the indefatigable co-founder of the Conservancy. 

Sue H. Baker cutting the ribbon at the dedication of the pavilion named in her honor

FEMA-compliant and featuring a new exterior and roof, a rebuilt concession stand and restrooms, and a 4,000 square foot dining deck with 27 tables and seating for 125 people, the pavilion exemplifies what the determination of a few and the cooperation of many can deliver through public-private initiatives.