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At the Greenwich Historical Society, the health and safety of our patrons is our top priority. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the current CDC standards, the Greenwich Historical Society has made the decision to change this year’s camp format from a four-week, full-day camp, and rethink a safe and creative new plan. We feel confident that solutions below will allow us to safely serve the families of our community. 


History Camp: July 6 -10, 9:30 am-12:00 pm
Art Camp: July 13-17, 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Grades: incoming  2-8

We value the day camp experience – children having summer time out of the home, learning, playing, and socializing (safely) with their peers. If you are still looking to send your child to camp, we offer our Morning at the Historical Society camp. This camp will run for 2.5 hours  each morning. In compliance with current CDC and CT OCD guidelines, camp will be run completely outdoors, weather permitting, in small groups. We will have daily temperature checks, social distancing, and disinfecting. For a full rundown of our safety measures, please refer to the CAMP SAFETY AND REGULATIONS section below.

This year’s History Camp will be divided into five distinctly colonial themed days. Campers will learn about the daily life of 1700’s children through hands on activities including weaving, playing games and recreating Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment without the storm.  Master painter and local teacher Dmitri Wight will be our guest artist.

Both the in-person morning and online afternoon camps will have the same activities. This year’s Art Camp is themed after three of the artists who resided at the Bush-Holley House when it was home to the Cos Cob Art Colony: potter Leon Volkmar, gardener and flower-designer Constant Holley-MacRae, and painter Elmer MacRae. Campers will make work inspired by these artists in a variety of different mediums, including clay, paper, and paint. Master painter and local teacher Dmitri Wight, will be out guest artist.

July 20-24, 9:30am – 12:00pm

Due to popular demand, we have created a third week of our on-site camp!  Touching on both art and history, Collages and Cabinets focuses on the theme of bringing together diverse elements to create beauty.  In the art tradition, campers will follow in the footsteps of collage artists such as, Lois Ehlert, Ekua Holmes, and Fred Tomaselli. In the history tradition, campers will make their own Cabinets of Curiosity, the early museums found in wealthy homes in the 1600-1800’s, in which the makers would gather together natural, historic, an artistic items that spoke to them.

Grades: incoming 2-8 grades

For families choosing to stay home, we offer an interactive camp experience with our virtual online workshops. Online workshops will run on a secure zoom room for one hour, 1:30-2:30. All materials will be provided by the Historical Society. They can be picked up on-site free of charged or mailed for a small fee.

July 7th – Weaving 101: Students will make their very own loom, learn how to string it, and learn the basics of weaving. At the end of this session, students will have completed the first steps towards creating beautiful woven art.

July 8th – Stencil Theory: Just as children of old would learn the basics of painting by using stencils made by a master artist, students will learn to create traditional colonial images from our master artist, using stencils to replicate his art.

July 9th – Art of the Pen: Students will make their very own ink using fruit. With this ink, they will create beautiful calligraphy art and letters with a feather pen.

July 14th – Paper Flowers: Students will learn to make a wide array of paper flowers: from roses and poppies to lavender and daisies.

July 15th – Still Life 101: Students will learn the basics of form and lighting from our Master artist and they create a still life together.

July 16th – Pinch and Pull: Students will create a vase from special, air dry clay. When the vase is done, they will learn how to ass addition features, such as animals, flowers, or funny faces to their creation.

A discounted bundle is available for 3 or more classes.


Mornings at the Historical Society: History Camp (7/06-10 or 7/13-17): $225.00
Mornings at the Historical Society: History and Art Camp (Weekdays 7/6-7/17): $420.00

Online Camp Supplies Delivery

Online Camp Supplies Delivery: $15.00—$20.00
Discounted Family Membership: $50.00

Camp Details and Health & Safety Guidelines

DISCLAIMER: We are required by the state of Connecticut to advise you that campers with pre-existing health conditions that would make them more susceptible to COVID-19 or are living with persons over the age of 65 and/or have pre-existing health conditions that would make them more susceptible to COVID-19 are highly discouraged from attending camp this year. If this applies to you, we would suggest you apply to our Online Afternoon Camp instead.

– We ask for your patience at drop off. Drop off will be a staggered process that may take up to 20 minutes to complete. Guardians who drop off their campers without undergoing the required protocol will be called and asked to pick up their camper. Their camper will not be allowed to participate in camp that day.

At drop off, guardians will park in the designated camp parking spots. Guardians and campers will wait in their car until a camp staff member comes up to the car. At that point, the camper will get out of the car. Guardians will stay in the car. In compliance to CDC regulations, every camper will have their temperature taken upon arrival. Campers with a temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit will not be permitted to attend camp that day. Campers will a temperature under 100 will be guided to join the other campers.

If you arrive late, then you must call the Historical Society to let staff know you have arrived. At that point, a staff member will meet you at the car. No one is allowed in the facility before their temperature is taken.

SICK CAMPERS – If, during the day, a camper is determined by the camp nurse to have an observable illness, such as constant coughing, respiratory distress, or a temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, they will be sent home. Said camper will stay in a designated sick area, away from other campers, while they wait for their guardian to pick them up.

If a camper/counselor is diagnosed with COVID-19, we are required to immediately report this to the health department and follow their direction. We will also notify other camp families so they can make appropriate steps for their families.

GROUP SIZES – Group sizes are limited to no more than 10 campers. As much as possible, we will encourage social distancing within the group. Campers will not be allowed to come into physical contact with one-another.

CAMPER CLEANLINESS – There will be many stations around campus with hand sanitizer, although handwashing will be the preferred sanitation method whenever possible. Campers must wash hands with soap and water or sanitize hands upon arrival, after using the restroom, and after sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose. Campers may wear a mask if they would like – this is not required.

There will be no shared supplies/equipment between campers.

If a camper brings a water bottle to camp, it will be wiped down upon entry.

STAFF CLEANLINESS– No staff with a temperature over 100 or believed COVID exposure will be allowed on campus. All camp staff must wear a face mask at all times. Staff must wash hands with soap and water or sanitize hands upon arrival, after using the restroom, and after sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose. Staff will sanitize hands before and after any interaction with a camper or a camper’s designated supplies.

DISINFECTING ACTIVITIES – After each activity, the equipment and area will be disinfected. At the end of each day, staff will sanitize and clean the entire campus.

Each camper will be given their own set of supplies to use for the day. There will be no sharing of supplies between campers to minimize cross-contamination. All supplies will be cleaned at the end of the day.

LUNCH/SNACK– There will be no lunches or snacks allowed during camp hours. Please make sure your camper arrives well fed. Water bottles are permitted and encouraged. If your camper comes with a water bottle, it will be sanitized upon entry.

BATHROOMS – Camp has its own designated bathrooms which will be cleaned at the beginning and end of every day.  

INDOOR AREAS / RAINY DAYS – As much as possible, camp activities will be held outdoors. (Please note that camp staff is not allowed to put sunscreen on children, so if desired, please apply at home) If camp is forced inside due to rain or excessive heat, windows and doors will be left open to increase air ventilation. Six feet of distance between campers will be maintained.

PICK UP – At pick up, guardians are asked to wait in their cars in the designated parking spots. Campers will be realized one by one (or in family units) to maintain social distancing.

Can I update my registration information?

Updated registration information can be made via direct email or phone call to the Camp Director. Please email or call 203-869-6899, ext. 32.

What is the refund policy?

A refund for camp tuition minus Eventbrite processing fees and a $100 deposit will be made up to 10 days before your first camp date. Within 10 days of the first camp date, no refund can be granted, but payments may be changed to tax-deductible contributions at payer’s request. All refunds must be made over the phone with the Camp Director at 203-869-6899, ext. 32.

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