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Graphic and Multimedia Narratives in Connecticut’s Asian American History: A Review of “The Cargo Rebellion: Those Who Chose Freedom”

Event Details

Date: March 28, 2024
Time: 6:00 pm
–7:15 pm


Free Zoom Lecture Part of the Shining a Light Series

Dr. Jason Oliver Chang will share his experience of collaborative research and publication of a graphic and animated history of Connecticut’s connection to the trade in indentured Asian workers, known pejoratively as “coolies.” In 1852 a New Haven captain set sail to China and tricked 400 Chinese workers into thinking they would be taken to California. When the truth was revealed that they were in route to Peru to be indentured in the guano fields, they mutinied and took control of the ship only to face a typhoon and an uncertain future. Learn about this fascinating story through a graphic history and animated short along with other learning materials. Dr. Chang will also share updates on the state’s K-12 Asian American studies curriculum.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Jason Chang

Associate Professor of History and Director of the Asian and Asian American Studies Institute at UConn

Jason Oliver Chang is Associate Professor of History and Asian American Studies at the University of Connecticut where he also serves as the Director of the Asian and Asian American Studies Institute. As a public servant he sits on the Governor’s Hate Crimes Advisory Council. He is the co-founder of a grassroots organization advocating for Asian American and Pacific Islander studies education reform in K-12 public schools. He is a proud father of three and partner to a Texan poet. When he’s not teaching or holding meetings, he can be found near large bodies of water.