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Morning Market Talk with Joel Dawson from Old Greenwich Honey

Joel Dawson in front of a park showcasing his honey materials with open arms and a great smile.

Event Details

Date: June 28, 2023
Time: 9:30 am

Join Joel Dawson, beekeeper and founder of Old Greenwich Honey, as he tells us about the beekeeping process. Discover more about the hive system and the many health benefits of honey. Purchase honey, honey based skincare products or honey themed kitchen items from Old Greenwich Honey at the Tavern Garden Market after the talk!


Joel Dawson has always had a passion for gardening and in 2016, when an opportunity was presented to ‘adopt’ three beehives, he jumped at the chance. His “backyard” beekeeping very quickly expanded to managing hives for master gardeners on their properties and then to many others interested in supporting honeybees throughout Greenwich and into Stamford. He currently manages 50+ hives on various different properties.

After five years of deep and immersive practice, he is now studying for his master beekeeping certification. In addition to managing the hives, he has developed and branded the local honey— Old Greenwich Honey—sold at Back 40 Mercantile in Old Greenwich and also developed several honey and hive-related products, including a “beehive awning,” beeswax candles, lip and beard balms, etc. In addition to the never-ending learning opportunities working with honeybees provides, perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences is spreading the word about the fascinating world of the honeybee and its importance in our ecosystem.