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Succulent Garden

Event Details

Date: October 19, 2023
Time: 6:30 pm
–8:00 pm

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Join Mod Pots and Plants to create your very own succulent garden! Floral Designer Michelle Derr will demonstrate how to arrange a variety of succulents in a beautiful handmade stone planter. All materials will be provided.

Speaker Biography

Michelle Derr

Floral Designer

Mod Pots and Plants is a small business that creates custom designed cement pots. Buy them separate or try our pre-made succulent themed planters. As a small family run business, our goal is to provide a product that requires little care while visually beautiful, inside the home and in the garden. The business started when my potted plants would get neglected and eventually die whether it was a vacation or simple laziness on my part. I decided to create pots that would withstand neglect and wear and tear, in my favorite color of grey. These pots are planted with succulents in a variety of shades of greens and pastels. They require little water. In fact they can be left out doors all summer with just rain for water in New England. The greys and greens are a beautiful combination and so unique. Our stars and hearts are one of a kind as well as many other shapes.  

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