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What is your wish for Greenwich?

On the shores of the Long Island Sound 380 years ago, Greenwich began as an adventurous experiment in the New World.  The effort has continued with the work of every resident since-  from struggling farmers, tradesmen and enslaved people to captains of industry, activists, artists, pioneering women and immigrants from around the globe. They took big risks to create new possibilities – for themselves and for future generations. Now, it’s our turn. 

Inspire others with your wish for the future of Greenwich.
I wish Greenwich’s beautiful beaches and parks are preserved and filled with the laughter of our children and grandchildren.
Hector Arzeno
That Greenwich will continue to grow and prosper for centuries to come. May God bless Greenwich.
Dmitri Wright
That Greenwich sets an example for America in awareness, constructive progress and a continuation of the wise moves that have made us the community we are today.
That we continue the work to build bridges to all members of our community. In our place of good fortune we recognize the unmet needs of others. Lastly, that we continue to support the wonderful work of our nonprofits.
May Greenwich preserve her historic past and village charm throughout the town and not give in to destroying the character that makes it the gateway to New England.
I hope Greenwich wins the Democracy Cup in the 2020 election year. This means more citizens of Greenwich turned out to vote than any other city in Greenwich. A wonderful symbol of participation by everyone regardless of background.
Preserve Greenwich’s iconic past
I hope that Greenwich chooses to fund schools, parks, beaches, community centers, ice rinks, etc. so that everyone can enjoy this town.
I wish Greenwich will remain a place for my daughters to grow and a place of warm childhood memories for generations to come!
I wish that the Town of Greenwich, with its strong sense of history and dedication to conservation, remain an ideal place for future generations to live and raise their families.
That Greenwich continues to be a town accessible to all. We should value what a diverse citizenry affords us.
To continue to develop a culture of respect and acceptance where history is understood so that progress can be made.
The courage to look critically at the past with the intent to learn and improve the world for future generations.
I wish for more reflexivity in our choices to ensure that we are doing our best for everyone.
That the integrity of our historic districts is respected and not violated by flippers/developers
That we add to the rich history of our town by respecting and amplifying the voices of those who have faced oppression.
I hope we can keep the outdoor dining all year
That we continue to support our senior population in this complicated time.

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