Greenwich Local Historic District

Local Historic Districts

Round Hill Historic District (c. 1728-1925)
5 and 7 John Street
First Church of Round Hill and Cemetery,
464 Round Hill Road
456 Round Hill Road
Established: 1987

Strickland Road Historic District (c. 1738-1976)
1-11 Mill Pond Road
14, 25-47 Strickland Road

Stanwich Historic District
296, 290, 286, 282, 276, 270, 264, 237, 239, 265, 269, 287 and 295 Taconic Road, Southeast corner of Taconic Roads, Stanwich Cemetery, Stanwich Congregational Church (currently the Center for Hope)

Local Historic Property Designations

Jeremiah Mead House
29 Taconic Road

Charles Green House
640 Round Hill Road

French Farm
524 Lake Avenue

Gershom Lockwood III House
117 Dingletown Road

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