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State Register of Historic Places​

State Register of Historic Places​

State Register of Historic Places

The State Register is an official listing of properties and sites important to the historical development of Connecticut. The criteria for inclusion are the same as for the National Register of Historic Places. All properties nominated to the National Register must first be placed on the State Register. There is no specific protection afforded properties listed on the State Register. In Greenwich there are nine extant properties on the State Register that are not listed on the National Register. Learn more at

Bullis-Addington House


Benedict Building at Greenwich Hospital
demolished 19??

Cos Cob Firehouse


Ferris Farm Cemetery


Montgomery Pinetum Conservatory


O’Neill Outdoor Theater


Shell Island Tower


Tod’s Point Historic District


Tomac Burying Ground

Historic Overlay Zones

YMCA 1920
  • 20 Arcadia Road
  • East Putnam Avenue at Robertson Lane
  • 50 East Putnam Avenue (YMCA)
  • 271 East Putnam Avenue/Old Church Road (Zitell House)
  • 154–156 Greenwich Avenue (rear)
  • Hemlock Drive
  • 731 Lake Avenue (Daniel Reynolds House)
  • 96 Maple Avenue
  • 136 Maple Avenue
  • 124–130 Mason Street
  • 228–230 Mill Street
  • 245 Mill Street (Old Firehouse)
  • 9 Normandy Lane
  • 1 Old Church Road
  • 350 Pemberwick Road (The Mill & Depot)
  • Sherwood Avenue (Chieftans/Gimbels)
  • 311 Sound Beach Avenue
  • Weaver Street at Barn Hill Road (Lyon Farm)
  • 211 West Putnam Avenue (First Post Office)

Historic Residential /Office Zones

The Columns
  • 183 East Putnam Avenue (The Columns)
  • 523 East Putnam Avenue
  • 30 Milbank Avenue
  • 46 Milbank Avenue
  • 211 River Road Extension
  • 5 Salem Street

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