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Preservation Awards

Winning a well-deserved place in Greenwich history.

“Since demolitions so often make the news, it’s essential to recognize those who respect and care for historic structures. Preservation maintains the character of our town and fosters a sense of place. It also has the added benefit of being sustainable and friendly to the environment.”

Every other year, Greenwich Historical Society honors individuals, organizations and projects for their contributions to the preservation of Greenwich’s historical resources. Winners represent historical and/or architectural significance and demonstrate the outstanding aesthetic, cultural or economic benefits of preservation.

Categories of Eligibility


Older structures or sites where major original features – exterior, interior or both – have been carefully preserved or replicated for original use.

Adaptive Reuse

Structures or sites which, while requiring significant changes for new use, are nonetheless given renewed life – while maintaining their original character.


Effective ongoing maintenance and care of structures or landscapes of historic and/or architectural significance.

Preservation Action

Recognition of individuals or organizations that advance the cause of historic preservation. Examples include preservation campaigns, political action, education, fundraising or research.

Special Achievement

Recognizing major accomplishments or lifetime work dedicated to the advancement of historic preservation.


During award years, nominations from individuals (including self-nominations), architects, designers, businesses and organizations are all welcome.

All properties under consideration for Preservation Awards are subject to a panel of jurors made up of distinguished scholars and writers in the field, as well as prominent local architects and preservation specialists. Strict criteria must be met in order to earn an official Preservation Award from the Greenwich Historical Society. For more information on submitting a structure or site, please click here.

The Greenwich Landmark Series

The Landmark series traces the architectural heritage of Greenwich over time and explores the importance of these homes as part of our historic landscape. In telling the stories of these homes, the Historical Society hopes to generate a greater awareness of architectural preservation, and to emphasize the vital part they play in continuing to tell the story of our unique community and its colorful past.