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Hands-on Clay Workshop: Hand Building Organic Vase Forms

Event Details

Date: November 2, 2023
Time: 6:30 pm
–8:30 pm


Location: Greenwich Historical Society

Sponsored by

Drawing inspiration from Eastern and Western aesthetics Katherine Choy explored thrown and altered vessels in her robust collection of works.
In this hands-on workshop participants will hand build, utilizing coils and pinch pots, to form an organic vase inspired by Katherine Choy’s mid century altered work. Participants will choose a glaze for their piece and the piece will be available for pickup after firing.

Registration for this event has closed. Please contact us for more information.

Speaker Biography

Avery Wells

Avery Wells received her MFA from SUNY New Paltz and also holds BAs in Art History and Ceramics from UNC Asheville. Her works have been exhibited in group shows and craft fairs through western North Carolina and the Hudson Valley. Avery’s vessels and botanical sculptures explore feminine histories in the decorative arts and seek an alternate route away from traditional standards of beauty and craft.
“Beginning with historic wallpaper patterns that evoke feminine domestic spaces, I repetitively rework motifs from these sources into illustrations and ceramic objects. I imagine these patterns being squeezed out into space through my hands, peeling themselves off of the walls they originated from and taking three-dimensional form. Through these forms, I seek the joy and comfort that can be found by embracing the decorative elements of my own femininity.”