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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We preserve and interpret Greenwich history to strengthen the community’s connection to our past, to each other and to our future.

Our Vision

As a result of our work, our community will have a stronger sense of place, gain a fuller appreciation of our shared past and be better equipped to embrace opportunities to build a more informed and just society.

Our Strategic Goals

In service of this mission and vision, the Historical Society is framing its work from 2022 through 2026 under the theme of telling a fuller history of Greenwich to a broader audience, with a focus on including, engaging and representing the town’s many communities.

During the strategic plan period, the Historical Society is pursuing the following goals: 


Fuller History

Tell a fuller history of the town and its increasingly diverse population.


Broader Audience

Broaden the audience that the Historical Society serves and represents through more meaningful engagement with the community.


Organizational Excellence

Deepen commitment to organizational excellence by building a more diverse, equitable, accessible and inclusive organization.


Preservation & Stewardship

Work collaboratively to build public awareness of historic assets in town and in our collections, and advocate for their preservation.


Growth & Sustainability

Achieve a sustainable revenue model that meets and grows with the annual operating budget.

Our Core Values


We cultivate relationships and build community, engaging in outreach and offering a welcoming and inclusive space.


We enrich through access to our offerings and resources, inspiring curiosity and encouraging lifelong learning.


We empower visitors to experience and preserve history, because history is an ongoing conversation in which all can participate.


We make the case for the relevance of history by highlighting stories through which all people can see themselves and their experiences reflected.


We commit to reflect on ourselves as individuals and as an organization to continuously learn from our community and live into our mission and vision for the future

History Matters

It connects people to something larger than themselves. People need history to understand the world around them and develop solutions for the future.

– American Association of State and Local History