Presidential Objects in Our Collection

Cribbage board by President Grover Cleveland

Presidents, upon leaving office, have long been encouraged to establish Presidential libraries, where the American public has access to documents, objects and other historical materials that reflect their service. To date, 13 presidential libraries are overseen by the National Archives, the first library having been established in 1939 for President Franklin Roosevelt. But the United … Read more

An Introduction to Impressionism

Ernest Lawson Untitled c. 1900

What is Impressionism? Impressionism is an art movement that began in France in the late 1800’s. It is also the art style most associated with the Cos Cob art colony. Impressionism is a style of painting in which artists did not paint something that looked exactly like what they saw in real life, but rather … Read more

Stained Glass Windows

Glass was invented in the Middle East in the 1st century AD. Syria quickly became the glass capital of the world. The Syrian people created both the art of glass blowing and stained glass. For hundreds of years, glass made in Syria was sent all over the world. It was prized for its clarity and … Read more

How to Weave at Home

Materials Needed CardboardStringStrong yarnPencilTapeScissorsRulerTapestry needle, orLarge-eyed needle(optional)Dowel or stick:7 in or longer(optional) Directions Step 1 Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard 12 in x 6 in. (The one shown below was made from a recent delivery box.) Note: Children in grades 1-4 may need help setting up their looms. Younger students may benefit from their … Read more

Ancient Crafts: Weaving

Weaving is one of the oldest crafts in the world. Even before weaving was used to make cloth the practice of interlacing plants and branches was used to create baskets, shelter, and fences. Cloth traditionally is made one of two ways: weaving or knitting threads. Weaving is the process of interlacing threads in an over-under … Read more

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