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A Request for Education

On February 28th, 1837, the Selectmen of the Town of Greenwich gave permission for the teachers of the North Greenwich Congregational Church Sabbath School to educate a woman named Emaline Foster. The letter shown bellow, granting Ms. Foster permission to attend the church’s school, highlights a brief but important moment in the history of civil … Read more

Historical Society Hosts Sports Exhibition

Greenwich Sentinel | February 23, 2023  The Greenwich Historical Society invites you to view our exhibition SPORTS! More Than Just a Game. A dynamic exhibition on the local history of sporting culture, fandom and celebrity that explores how Greenwich and surrounding communities broke boundaries, tested their limits and found common ground through athletic achievement. Greenwich … Read more

Preserving Greenwich’s Architectural History

A conversation with the Greenwich Historical Society’s Christopher Shields Greenwich Time | Gretchen A. Peck | Feb. 16, 2023 Featured image: The main house at 499 Indian Field Rd., Greenwich — Copper Beech Farm — was meticulously restored. The grand residence dates back to the Victorian era and today has eight bedrooms, eight baths, and … Read more

Elmer and Emma Constant: A Love Story

Our beautiful and all powerful love, my darling, will carry us through everything, and crown us with success and happiness in the end. Elmer Livingston MacRae to Emma Constant Holley, February 14, 1898 Elmer Livingston MacRae and Emma Constant Holley first met in the summer of 1896 when Elmer, New York City native and budding … Read more

CT students discover their Indian-American heritage through oral histories: ‘They made a lot of sacrifices’

By Robert Merchant | Greenwich Time | Feb. 4, 2023 GREENWICH — History can be made by vast technological shifts, charismatic leaders and odd quirks of fate, but history can also be made by parents trying to provide a brighter future for their children. “My grandparents lived in India, and they made a lot of … Read more