The Local Vaccine Factory


Many of us are learning more about vaccines and their development than we would have expected just a short time ago. The news is filled with promising stories of COVID-19 vaccines that offer hope of an eventual return to more normal social interactions. It’s clear that the creation of modern vaccines involves sophisticated science that … Read more

From the Archives: Letters from Childe Hassam

Childe Hasssam portrait

The Greenwich Historical Society’s exhibition Lost Landscape Revealed: Childe Hassam and The Red Mill, Cos Cob (January 16-March 28, 2021) focuses on the Cos Cob lower landing during the period of the Cos Cob art colony. The exhibition uses numerous items from the Historical Society’s archival and museum collections to bring this period to life, … Read more

Did You Know? Message Received!: Greenwich Was Site of Early Breakthrough in Global Communication

Did you know that the first Trans-Atlantic shortwave message was sent from a small structure near the corner of Clapboard Ridge Road and North Street right here in Greenwich? In an age when nearly instantaneous global communication is taken for granted, and communication delays of only a fraction of a second are intolerable for certain … Read more

Greenwich Family Visits a Dazzling Turn-Of-The-Century Exposition

Most of the items in the extensive collections of the Greenwich Historical Society focus on the rich history of the Town of Greenwich, providing insight into the lives of those who made their home here. However, personal collections can also offer a look at important events in the world outside the town as experienced by … Read more

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