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Tod’s Driftway  The road out of the Park is called Tod’s Driftway. Originally, this was a sand bar (tombolo) connecting the mainland to the islands. In 1892, the Ferris family granted a formal easement to Tod to construct and maintain a permanent roadway across it. However, only after he purchased the last 11 acres of … Read more

375th Anniversary Plaque

On Founders’ Day, July 18, 2016, the town attached a commemorative bronze plaque to a small boulder on the bluff at the southeastern tip of the Point. The plaque, created for the 375th anniversary of the founding, features a replica of the original deed to the land we now call Old Greenwich. Wee Amogerone and … Read more

Innis Arden House Site

Alas, this magnificent house had to be torn down in 1962 as it needed extensive repairs and required more money, time, and attention than the public coffers could provide. J. Kennedy Tod was among the wealthy elite of New York who made the Connecticut coast their playground. To recap, soon after he married Maria Howard … Read more

The Seaside Garden

As mentioned earlier, the Tod estate joined two islands together. The island to the west has twin peaks. The Seaside Garden occupies the northern peak and Innis Arden House, the southern peak. The Tods commissioned Marian Cruger Coffin to design and build the walled garden in 1918, when, as her career was blossoming, she became … Read more

The Chimes Building

Known as the Chimes Building, the Tods built this structure in 1896 as a stable and carriage house. In 1901, they added a 50-foot bell tower containing a set of hemispherical bells played by an automatic drum in the tower clock. Produced and sold as a relatively inexpensive alternative to conventional tower bells, their lighter … Read more

Old Greenwich Yacht Club

The Tods often hosted the families of relatives and friends at Innis Arden. Some guests arrived by yacht. A 200-foot pier connected a dock situated on Pelican Island (the sand bar on the left in the photo) to the boathouse (by the modern dock, center right) until the pier was destroyed by the Great New … Read more

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